Jul 16, 2017

Hereditary dynasties.

Another one from the drafts queue...
How f*#$ed is our political system?

Your doctor dies, your pilot dies, your mechanic dies... do you really want a person who without experience taking on the dead person’s duties on the basis they swapped bodily fluids with the departed?

Yet, somehow there are people in this country who think Ted Kennedy’s wife should fill out the remainder of his Senate term. This is the same twisted logic people used to hold out Hillary Clinton would be a good President because she spent eight years in the White House sleeping next to Bill Clinton (one wonders if at that point there was any exchange of secretions given the former President’s well known dalliances)...
I never cease to be amazed by the incredible level of stupidity in our midst. It makes me understand how the whole ‘king’ thing and ‘royalty’ got started because there are more than a few drones in our midst.

This idea that if you swap bodily fluids with someone you can do their job never ceases to amaze me.

If you go to a woman OB/Gyn and she dies do you think her husband is qualified to go poking around your nethers because he’s listened to shop talk all those years?

I doubt it.

This happened with Sonny Bono as well, so it’s not the exclusive domain of the Democrats although I am trying to remember if there was an instance where a women passed on and her husband served in her place.

The whole thing is just ludicrous.

The other day, I saw something in the paper where a woman was suing a man because he didn’t fork over a pile of money to her. They had been together for 20 years, not married and he was in shipping. When she found him, he had ‘four old boats’ but now he was rich beyond belief and it was due to her help so there should be a big payout.

Can you imagine if a man did this the kind of reaction women would have?

I know a few people who are ardent feminists and will occasionally rail against me for perceived sexism. Thing is I’m for equality but when we talk about equality I MEAN EQUALITY. I don’t mean you get equality along with the perks of your gender.

Case in point...

All to often of late I regular have been seeing instances where female teachers have engaged in sexual activities with their charges. When it’s happened there has been a tendency to treat this crime ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THEN HOW A MALE TEACHER WOULD BE TREATED.

This happens quite often because the narrative goes that men are the source of all evil in the world.

Of course these are people who haven’t read MacBeth.

Look, equality is great! Cool! Terrific!

But when men can stay at home and be treated like our self proclaimed ‘domestic goddesses’ without being thought as less of a man for doing so, or lazy or a bum because they stay home. When women toe the line men have to when it comes to dating and the like instead of passively sitting back and then complaining there are ‘no good men’ because they don’t want to get off their lazy asses and do the work men do to find someone. When they don’t get to use their gender as an excuse for when their boss is a dick, or when they have to work overnight or late...

Look I understand we’re not talking about zero sum games here and things aren’t all that black in white but the preponderance does go in one direction and it is NOWHERE CLOSE to equality.

Well... that’s today’s rant. The upshot is, it’s just another reason I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Hillary. That and the fact that as a voter I had been too disappointed by these folks to let myself be lied to yet again and put then in power.

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